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The World Landbridge - Peace through development

Australia should pursue an independent foreign policy of “Peace Through Development” rather than be a dinghy in the wake of an Anglo-American aircraft carrier. Australia is at a crossroads. If we continue down the path we’re on, we’re headed to war, and likely nuclear war. But it’s not too late to break free of the dictates of the Anglo-American war hawks and pursue an independent foreign policy.

The key concept is that if we are to have peace, we must have a common interest. Something that everyone can work together to bring about. Something that is in our own self-interest and also benefits the general welfare of mankind. What is that something? It’s progress - a rising standard of living. How can this be achieved? The Citizens Party supports a concept called the World Landbridge, and the key institution through which Australia can participate is a Government-owned National Bank.

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15 Dec 2022
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