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The 'Temple Mount Plot' dossier

Temple Mount dossier

This dossier collects research and warnings made 24 years ago, that high-level British establishment figures were inciting a religious war between Israel and the Palestinians. The focus is the Temple Mount (al-Haram ash-Sharif) in Jerusalem, the site of Islamic holy sites where Jewish radicals and literalist Christians want to rebuild King Solomon’s Temple. That “Temple Mount Plot” has now born terrible fruit: the role of provocations on the Temple Mount in triggering the Israel-Hamas war and the Israeli military’s current slaughter of civilians in Gaza is no secret. The dossier, however, lays bare the deeper springs of this war, and the danger of its exploding into World War III—an eschatological, or “End Times”, ideology on the part of both the would-be Third Temple builders, and of their higher-up patrons and instigators. 

Click here for the table of contents and to access the dossier. 


Series: The roots of the Taiwan conflict

Part One: Origins of the Kuomintang 
Part Two: The US hand in China’s civil war
Part Three: The Kuomintang retreat to Taiwan
Part Four: The China Lobby
Part Five: KMT and US intelligence agencies collaborate
Part Six: US-China ‘normalisation’ and provocations
Part Seven: Taiwan exports political warfare
More, coming soon...

Series: What is NATO?

Part 1:  Franklin Roosevelt’s economic development policies vs the Anglo-American financial empire (AAS, 18 May 2022)
Including: FDR’s Post-Colonial Vision Challenged Churchill

Part 2: FDR fought to end the British Empire: China and Iran (AAS, 25 May 2022) 
Including: The Hurley memorandum: Freeing Iran from British imperialism
When the United States offered a ‘Belt and Road’ to China

Part 3When the United States Offered a ‘Belt and Road’ to China (continued) (AAS, 1 June 2022)

Part 4Churchill sought World War III against USSR in 1945 (AAS, 15 June 2022)
Including: Churchill’s ‘Iron Curtain’ speech
Marshall Plan: ‘European integration’, keeping Russia out

Part 5: How the British Empire wrecked Russian-American cooperation and launched the Cold War (AAS, 20 July 2022)

Part 6How the British Empire wrecked Russian-American cooperation and launched the Cold War (continued) (AAS, 27 July)

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The coup, then and now (July 2017)


The Lowy Institute: an Anglo-American foreign influence conduit

In a three-part series by Melissa Harrison, published August-September 2022, the Australian Alert Service exposes how the Lowy Institute, Australia’s influential foreign policy think tank, furthers Anglo-American geopolitical agendas. People worried about foreign influence over Australian policies should take a hard look at this organisation.

The Lowy Institute claims to be independent, but its board is dominated by a secretive group of international advisors from the US and UK establishment, alongside associates of founder Frank Lowy, the Westfield shopping magnate. The board sets the institute’s “strategic direction” and “research priorities”. The Institute belongs to the “Council of Councils”, set up by the New York Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) for—in its words—“consensus-building among influential opinion leaders” and, ultimately, “injecting” its conclusions into high-level foreign policy circles in members’ countries.

The think tank works with US policymakers like the “Asia Pivot” architect, former Assistant Secretary of State Kurt Campbell, who promote military interventionism in the Asia-Pacific, aimed at confronting China. In 2017 the Lowy Institute acted in lockstep with the “China threat” propaganda campaign, conducted by government intelligence staffers, other think tanks (theAAS has written extensively on the role of the Australian Strategic Policy Institute, ASPI), and the mainstream media. Lowy’s funding sources include two Australian intelligence agencies, while several staff members formerly worked for the Office of National Intelligence, the top Australian government intelligence agency—a typical “revolving door” relationship between this establishment think tank and the Anglo-American-guided intelligence community.

Download the series here, for a detailed look into this powerful, unelected organisation.


Sleepwalking into nuclear World War III?

14 Jan. 2022—In an eight-page strategic package, the Australian Alert Service of 12 January 2022 presents the latest events and essential background on the showdown between NATO and Russia that sharply escalated at the end of 2021.

  • “Anglo-American war hawks push showdown with Russia” reports on a promising, but stark joint statement issued 2 January by the five permanent members of the UN Security Council (P5), all of them nuclear-weapons powers: “We affirm that a nuclear war cannot be won and must never be fought”. The P5 statement is welcome in the context of a blistering surge of military-strategic tensions. We show that, contrary to US State Department and major media insistence that the issue is Russian plans to “invade Ukraine”, the underlying situation is that Russian officials believe the “red line” President Vladimir Putin has talked about has been reached, with the approach of “threatening weapons systems” to Russia’s borders. On 15 December Moscow offered the USA and NATO draft written agreements for mutual security guarantees, which were to be at the centre of diplomatic meetings on 10–13 January.
  • The background article “Sleepwalking into nuclear World War III, 1990-2021” reviews the broken promises and step-by-step movement towards a global showdown, ever since the first Bush Administration in 1990 pledged to Soviet leaders that NATO would not expand eastward after German reunification. We review how Ukraine is far from being a fledgling democracy just minding its own business while under threat from Russia. Also included is a bibliography, with links, of AAS articles on the crisis in Europe and around the Black Sea as it unfolded in 2021.
  • The first Washington Insider column this year is titled, “Biden is not in lock-step with war party”.

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AAS articles from 2018-2022, showing why NATO’s eastward expansion and activities led Russian officials to assess that the national security “red line” President Vladimir Putin talks about has been reached.

AUKUS accelerates rush towards world war

The 22 September 2021 Australian Alert Service warns that the world is hurtling towards World War III, and Australia under Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s direction is hastening that disaster. The AUKUS military cooperation agreement between Australia, the UK and the USA locks Australia into the ambitions of “war-hawk” neoconservatives and liberal interventionists in all three countries, intent on surrounding China with a string of military alliances in the Pacific region.
The AAS features four articles, including a unique analysis contributed by a long-time China hand, Australia’s former Deputy Ambassador to China John Lander. They are:

  • “War and economic breakdown: How did we get here?” The lead editorial situates the current war drive in historical events since the American Revolution, highlighting the geopolitical interventions of Anglo-American imperial factions that have brought the world to this point;
  • “China: Australia squandering 40 years of goodwill”, by John Lander, describes the sabotage of the collaborative spirit that quite recently characterised Australia-China relations, and cites a 1971 cabinet document insisting that especially on such important matters Australia must “formulate independent policies, based on Australian national interests”;
  • The basics of the AUKUS agreement, including the deal for Australia to acquire nuclear-powered submarines, are documented in Richard Bardon’s article, “AUSMIN/AUKUS make Australia [a] staging point for WWIII”. We report warnings from former Prime Ministers Paul Keating and Kevin Rudd and leading strategic analyst Hugh White;
  • Our Washington Insider column provides a perspective from the USA under the headline “Did ‘Operation Hookless’ hook Biden?” It considers moves, in addition to AUKUS, towards greater integration of Australia into the American military-industrial complex; outrage on the part of “permanent warfare” advocates at President Biden’s evident seriousness about ending overseas deployments like the 20-year Afghanistan engagement and possibly edging in the direction of dialogue with China; and the interplay of “Global Britain” ambitions from within the UK, where the head of Chatham House gloats that through AUKUS the UK can—without inordinate spending of its own—exploit American and Australian forces to place itself front and centre of what happens in the Indo-Pacific.

Click here to download the PDF.

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‘Black-is-White’ Paper singles out Russia, China as threats to ‘global order’ (30 March 201)


Special Report on Xinjiang: Anglo-Americans sponsor ‘East Turkistan’ campaigns

An eight-article series from the Australian Alert Service in November 2020–March 2021, “Xinjiang: China’s western frontier in the heart of Eurasia”, is now assembled as a 40-page Special Report.

Download it here.

The China Narrative (series)

Clive Hamilton’s books exposing China “interference”, Silent Invasion and Hidden Hand, are important, not because of the quality of the content—paranoid propaganda—but because the influencers behind Hamilton’s crusade reveal his role as a cog in a vast narrative-management machine. The public, as well as MPs and other government officials, are being directed how to think about China by a small group of ideologically driven propagandists, funded by institutions of the section of the Anglo-American power establishment that seeks war without end, even risking nuclear warfare that would annihilate mankind.

Download the full series in one PDF.
Read the html version.

Christchurch massacre

The Christchurch massacre: British imperial ‘population control’

AAS articles from 2019

Following the horrific attacks at the Al Noor and Linwood Islamic Centre mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand on 15 March, in which 50 people were killed and another 50 wounded, New Zealand’s police arrested a fanatical, self-proclaimed white supremacist ethno-nationalist and eco-fascist, Brenton Tarrant, as the perpetrator. Parallels with earlier mass shooters and other killers were immediately obvious: like the American Unabomber Theodore Kaczynski, who killed and maimed scientists and industrialists in 1978-95, Tarrant authored a radical environmentalist tract; like the murderer of 77 in Norway (2011) Anders Breivik, he espouses race hatred and admires fascists; like the killers of nine people at an African-American church in South Carolina (2015) and 11 at a Pittsburgh synagogue (2018), he targeted people for their religion and ethnicity; like school shooters in Europe and the USA, he killed children. ... 

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What is the ‘Third Force’ fuelling US unrest?

Third force fuelling US unrest

AAS 10 June 2020

9 June—Mass demonstrations in Minneapolis, Minnesota began on 26 May, the day after an African-American man, George Floyd, was killed by a policeman arresting him for a petty crime, who kneeled on his neck for nine minutes as Floyd gasped, “I can’t breathe.” Within days the protests embraced dozens of American cities. In several cities they turned violent. Images of a burning police precinct building in Minneapolis and shop windows smashed along New York City’s Fifth Avenue were broadcast around the world. The basis for protesting was discussed in the AAS last week: “COVID-19 has not only exposed the dangerous failures of our [healthcare and other] infrastructure, but those of the everyday conditions of life for most of our citizens. What was already a shocking degree of unemployment has risen to the levels of the Great Depression or worse. In addition, the disproportionately high number of deaths of blacks and other minorities in the pandemic has delivered them a heavy blow”. ...

(177.63 KB)
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Anglo-American ‘counterinsurgency’ planners bring permanent wars back home

AAS 24 June 2020

“Coronavirus is threatening to ignite a tinderbox of grievances in the US. The growing parallels with Iraq, Lebanon and Somalia are real and disturbing…. If the first wave of the coronavirus tsunami was its health effect, the second— economic devastation—may be worse. But there is a third wave coming: the possibility of armed conflict towards the end of this year, when the combined health and economic impacts of the crisis will peak amid the most violently contested presidential election in memory.” (Emphasis added.)

This warning—or, was it a threat?—is not the latest bulletin from the Christchurch mass shooter or the Boogaloo Bois armed activists, about whose agitation for “civil war” in the USA the AAS has written. Rather, it appeared in the Australian on 30 May 2020 in a column by the paper’s contributing editor for military affairs, David Kilcullen, an Australian Defence Force reserve lieutenant colonel with a PhD in politics (specialisation: anthropology/ethnography) who resides in the United States. For three decades, Kilcullen has been at the centre of the Anglo-American policy of perpetual war, both its theory and the implementation, which has brought nothing but disaster to the countries involved. ... 

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“Global Britain”—the UK imperial faction’s bid to keep worldwide dominance

Global Britain

A dossier of AAS articles:

  • 1 Feb. 2017 “Britain to enforce imperial order in face of new era”
  • 22 Feb. 2017 “UK plans new imperial trade bloc”
  • 5 Jul. 2017 “City scrambles to maintain European supremacy postBrexit”
  • 30 Aug. 2017 “A new era of British maritime power”
  • 25 Oct. 2017 “Britain’s pivot to Asia is maritime empire Mark II”
  • 15 Nov. 2017 “Anglo-Americans revive Quadrilateral Dialogue to set Trump against China”
  • 21 Mar. 2018 “Britain’s new mission: global enforcer of ‘democracy’”
  • 18 Apr. 2018 “British elite scheme for war, but must contend with Corbyn”
  • 25 Apr. 2018 “Turnbull backs May’s imperial drive for global security and trade dominance”
  • 11 Jul. 2018 “The City of London’s China pivot”
  • 18 Jul. 2018 “Tony Blair rallies to defend globalisation” 15 Aug. 2018 “Is imperial strategy driving HSBC’s move to Paris?”
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