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Lead Editorial

19 June 2024
Vol. 26 No. 25

Disgraced former top bureaucrat Mike Pezzullo is central to the sinister plot to give up our sovereignty to the US-UK war agenda. Photo: Screenshot

The reason the Australian Citizens Party argues just as forcefully against war with China as we do for a national
bank is because the unimaginable horror that is war is a real danger, and entirely unnecessary. The second it starts every Australian will regret it, wondering how it came to this, but it will be too late.

Most people, naturally, would prefer to think it won’t happen, but Ukraine shows how wars can and do happen, and once started can escalate out of control. 

That’s why we must intervene against the narratives and disinformation that pave the way to war, long before it seems necessary; if we wait until war is on our doorstep, it’s likely to be too late. 

In Australia today, the good news is the relationship with China has stabilised somewhat since Scott Morrison, as seen in the visit by China’s Premier Li Qiang this week. Australia’s commentariat will never give it, but China deserves most of the credit for that stabilisation, by its willingness to look past Australia’s AUKUS and NATO warmongering to focus on trade. 

But also evident is the intention of a large section of the mainstream media and political class, who march to the tune of the Anglo-American Five Eyes alliance, to try to sabotage the relationship by seizing on the opportunity of Premier Li’s visit to whip up the usual McCarthyite, Yellow Peril hysteria. 

For example, the media prominently covered the claims by “Eric” the supposed former spy that 1,200 Chinese spies are operating in Australia—all reported very seriously, but without providing a shred of evidence. 

Another example is far more sinister, because it reveals the nature of the people who have been embedded in top leadership positions in this country to deliberately steer us towards war against our national interests. The anti-China McCarthyites always imply opponents of their war agenda are somehow disloyal, and even traitors, so it’s time to expose them as the actual traitors. 

Exhibit A is Mike Pezzullo, the former secretary of the Department of Home Affairs under Peter Dutton, who has
written a spine-chilling diatribe in the US-funded Australian Strategic Policy Institute’s The Strategist, to coincide with Premier Li’s visit. The first point to make is that Pezzullo shouldn’t be published anywhere, given this power-mad bureaucrat had to resign in disgrace when exposed for secretly manipulating the appointment of government Ministers. Yet he is now being rehabilitated because he is a key part of the machinery that has groomed Australia to serve US-UK war agenda, and would know where the bodies are
buried, so to speak. 

Pezzullo’s ASPI piece is a study in treacherous propaganda, twisting subservience to US hegemony as somehow equalling “sovereignty”, and defining Anglo-American power that is responsible for never-ending wars as morally superior to China in every way. He denounced the positive developments in the Australia-China relationship up until 2017, insisting we should have turned against China as early as 2009, i.e. in step with US and UK neocons. He decried the lost time which could have been used to “build up our hard military power”, i.e. hand over hundreds of billions more to the Anglo-American weapons manufacturers which fund ASPI. “We have a stake in this contest playing out such that US primacy, including its military superiority, is maintained”, he wrote, going on to boast that despite the improved diplomacy with China, Albanese has continued the previous government’s policies, namely “the hardening of Australia as a bastion for allied warfighting operations, and the continuing integration of certain strategic functions undertaken on Australian territory into global US warfighting systems”—in other words, turning Australia into a base for war and locking
our military into Pentagon control.

This is treachery, not sovereignty. It’s time to call out the lying warmongers as the real traitors, and fight for a truly independent Australia which cooperates peacefully in our region.

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