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November 2021

Ignored, neglected, penniless, terminally ill: Morrison’s contempt for elderly Sterling victims

Why PPPs won’t rebuild economies

Senate inquiry destroys ASIC’s self-defence; documents explode cover-up

Sterling victims in David and Goliath battle

Keating is right on AUKUS and China

Tuvalu’s inconvenient truth must be explained, not denied

Postal ‘people’s bank’ the solution for regional Australia

Bailed in Cypriots told ‘no alternative’ to theft of deposits!

Banks play the blame game 

October 2021

Ideology no substitute for traditional banking

USPS launches pilot for postal banking, ‘an idea that won’t go away’

COVID ‘lab leak’ boosters grasp at straws

Australia’s financial system was designed for plunder

ASIC overhaul requires paradigm shift

CIA’s secret war plans against WikiLeaks

Sky’s ‘lab leak’ propaganda hits peak stupid

September 2021

China: Australia squandering 40 years of goodwill

AUSMIN/AUKUS make Australia staging point for WWIII

New ASIC Chief is Frydenberg’s white-collar defender

Identify and Disrupt: Australian police-state law #92

The disinformation machine’s ‘cyber security expert’

The disinformation machine’s ‘cyber security expert’ Pt. II

Australia bullies NZ to toe the Five Eyes line

August 2021

The Aussie battler standing up to a giant bank

UK forced to legislate to protect cash access

The plot thickens: ousted ASIC Chair James Shipton got in the way of London’s banks

Parliamentary ‘capital concentration’ inquiry a chance to uproot BlackRock’s green fascism

China and USA concur on industrial development?

Superannuation is a goldmine for global tax-dodgers

Perceptions of China within the US body politic: Facts and Misconceptions

July 2021

Bank regulator shielding Big Four from scrutiny over regional branch closures

Sterling cover-up goes all the way to the top

Arsonist turns firefighter? Ex-ASIO boss warns against exaggerating ‘foreign interference’ threat he once hyped

The rise of the hedge funds

Tenants and landlords of Sterling scandal speak out

National banking solution to carbon blackmail

Crypto blind spots could blow up financial system

COVID-19 a convenient excuse for deregulation free-for-all

June 2021

The post office origins of the Commonwealth Bank

‘Regulator beware’ of the Morrison government

Morrison government overthrows another inconvenience to the banks

COVID lab leak ‘science’ refuted

Sterling scandal caused by regulation designed to fail

ASIC should be liable to Sterling victims for failure to act

How Australia can achieve full employment

Still no evidence for COVID ‘lab leak’ theory

May 2021

Government has important role in insurance

Gupta fiasco shows Greensteel is de-industrialisation by stealth

Assange case shows US and UK hypocrisy

China-haters run for cover as Newscorp ‘virus warfare’ propaganda implodes

No ‘security’ basis to tear up Port of Darwin lease

India ban betrays Australia’s healthcare catastrophe

Australia stuck in US ‘debt trap’

New derivatives disaster must be defused now!

Elder statesmen lash Dutton and Pezzullo’s war talk

Recall the nuclear war warnings of 2012

April 2021

Australian politicians back East Turkistan terrorism apologists

Five Eyes directs destruction of Australia-China relationship

Nuclear power trumps hydrogen energy carrier

Nationals propose development bank for manufacturing

Greening Earth’s barren lands

Chinese Foreign Ministry calls out West’s ‘human rights’ hypocrisy

March 2021

Special Report on Xinjiang: Anglo-Americans sponsor ‘East Turkistan’ campaigns

The woman who blew up state secrets to stop a war

‘Quad’ spruiks cooperation, but US/NATO militarism is still on autopilot

Financial oligarchy cuts finance for coal

Penny-pinching governments are killing our elderly

Time to force real competition on the Big Four!

Post Bank—the secret to Japan’s economic sovereignty and success

February 2021

Energy policy rebellion goes nuclear

The plague of neoliberalism is killing Australia’s ‘national resilience’

Labor leaders expose ‘renewables’ folly

Ever-changing testimony of Xinjiang ‘witnesses’ points to coaching by US-backed separatist groups

‘Great Reset’: Government of, by and for bankers 

Labor-Liberal super stoush a falling-out among thieves

A ‘bipartisan’ plot to privatise Australia Post?

Stop the rot! Solve Australia’s farm labour crisis

January 2021

Bring on the postal banking revolution!

Preliminary legal analysis of the Maddocks Report

The Nazi roots of the ‘Indo-Pacific strategy’

QAnon: ‘A game that plays people’

Economic recovery requires credit for the real economy!

December 2020

Wilful disregard for truth in Parliament’s ‘Magnitsky Act’ inquiry report

With friends like these… Fake concern for Australia’s winemakers

‘Global Britain’s’ Empire II plan to surround China

The science of carbon dioxide—the gas of life

Australian infrastructure requires expanded steel production

November 2020

Bankers escalate zero-carbon dictatorship

How the CEC disrupted the global bail-in regime

Xinjiang: China’s western frontier in the heart of Eurasia

‘Foreign Relations’ Bill: Gutless federal ALP hangs states, manufacturers out to dry

Trading with the enemy?

NZ anti-China fearmonger in hot water over ‘inaccurate, inflammatory’ report

BRICS helps forge new paradigm for world in crisis

Learn from New Zealand and Japan on postal banking

October 2020

Human rights cartel dominates fixed Magnitsky inquiry

Outsourcing government is a corporate takeover

ASIO: Australia’s foreign influence peddlers

The bloody hand of Tony Blair behind UQ China scandal

March meltdown dwarfed September precursor!

Infrastructure all talk without a national development bank

Massive agricultural potential in northern Australia

ASPI: forced labour hypocrites and academic fraudsters

Melbourne's drawn-out lockdown is a multi-decade policy failure

Falun Gong fronts Anglo-American strategy against China

Central Bank Digital Currency plan exposes new bailout strategy

September 2020

State premiers should unleash the power of state banking!

High-speed rail will boost economy

Clive Hamilton’s anti-China claims riddled with deceit

Nuclear technology beats Morrison’s hodgepodge plan

The China narrative, part five: All roads lead to ASIO

Build Bass Strait water pipelines

China narrative part four: ASIO’s disinformation campaign

Who’s buying Australia? Oh, Canada!

China narrative part three: Espionage and interference

Clarence River water projects urgent

Australia is not a corporation, it’s a corporate state

Australian MPs push CANZUK British Empire reboot

The China narrative part two: Dissidents or separatists?

August 2020

Who made China and Russia the enemy, and why?

Morrison government’s ‘national security’ hypocrisy exposed

‘The Great Debate on China’—Babones vs himself

Water ownership more secret than tax havens

The China narrative, part one: War-machine propaganda

Path for nuclear power in Australia

India’s ‘Plan B’ for bail-in

July 2020

Palace Letters expose House of Windsor

Fight Australia’s descent into a police state!

Australia sabotaged China trade based on US media lies

Environmentalist apologises for climate alarmism

Hong Kong security law less draconian than Australia’s

FSB bail-in review: Mind the gap

Morrison’s indefensible Defence plan re-commits to Cold War with China

Magnitsky sanctions shadowed by war profiteers

China is far from the biggest foreign landowner in Australia

Final demolition of Volcker Rule lights up derivatives risk

June 2020

Genuine infrastructure program needed

‘Keep the change’: Resist the banks’ cashless scam

A tale of two think tanks: Canberra escalates McCarthyism, de-funds diplomacy

Morrison’s infrastructure plan woefully inadequate

Don’t get burnt by the demise of the debt machine

Regime change abroad, social breakdown at home

Swedes on negative rate experiment: ‘don’t do it’

May 2020

What constitutes foreign interference?

Dutton moves to expand police state under cover of COVID-19

CCP scheme can crash the entire banking system

Victoria's BRI strategy grows economic cooperation and independence

COVID-19 ramps up corporatised ‘Western’ censorship agenda

Think big! Australia’s $300 billion infrastructure project

Australian media’s anti-China spin turns reality upside down

As usual, British neocons stoke US-China conflict

April 2020

Loony Epoch Times fronts dangerous anti-China war agenda

We need writers, artists and musicians to get through this crisis

COVID recovery team must turn words into reality, fast

Re-nationalise public utilities now!

How safe are Australia’s banks, really?

Reality check: China does not own most of Australia

COVID-19 exposes flawed modelling

March 2020

Ethiopian Prime Minister: 'If COVID-19 is not beaten in Africa, it will return to haunt us all'

How Essington Lewis pulled off an industrial miracle

Global health shock can force economic shift, but at what cost?

Indian retirees whacked by contractual bail-in

Stop bankers’ net-zero emissions death policy

February 2020

When is a bail-in still a bailout?

Magnitsky Act is dangerous sanctimony based on lies

Sinn Féin win shows economic discontent in Ireland

Depositors in Lebanon rebel, demand banks be held to account

How and why prescribed burning mitigates bushfire losses

Irrigation reduces extreme heat

Europe proves why negative rates and bail-in necessitate cash bans

Behind the headlines: IPCC can’t detect climate change in Australian bushfires

January 2020

Why is the Uniting Church ‘surprised’ Australians don’t want to go to jail just for using cash?

The New Payments Platform: a Trojan horse for central bank control of Australia’s financial system?

Failed fire management policy must end

December 2019

Will US Fed succeed in forestalling year-end financial crunch?

Australia fails the whistleblower test

CoreLogic scandal: how far gone are Australia’s banks?

Julian Assange should be protected from US ‘Rocket Docket’

CoreLogic scandal: how far gone are Australia’s banks?

November 2019

Water trading bankers destroy agriculture

More Repo ructions: The Fed reinvents bailouts

It’s all or nothing for big banks in new speculative frenzy

Abbott’s ‘foreign interference’ fiasco a chilling message

Drought crisis forces political change

Support escalates for Bradfield Scheme

Is climate change driving escalating bushfire threat?

Is Fed’s super-QE directed by JPMorgan?

October 2019

Financial outlook ‘precarious’: IMF

ANZ changes to deposit T&Cs would facilitate ‘bail-in’

Mr Morrison: Is it ‘in our interests’ to bow to BIS dictates?

Is the Fed concealing a new global crisis?

China unveils new high-speed maglev technology

Which is the real black economy?

September 2019

Pre-tremors of the next global banking meltdown?

More farce of fake regulation

Beware Dutton’s new Cyber Security Strategy

Gladys Liu controversy a symptom of foreign influence— but not China’s

Engineering experts expose 9/11 lies

Negative interest rates bad for savers, economy and banks!

Australia doesn't have a serious black economy

Hong Kong radicals seek ‘Maidan’-style regime change

Cash ban and the black economy myth

Amazon smoke and mirrors

Home Affairs to revive ‘D-Notice Committee’ for press self-censorship

August 2019

Blackrock's monetary 'regime change' is fascism

Project Democracy coup machine drives Hong Kong ‘protests’

Will Australian get serious about nuclear power?

The City of London’s new green bubble

Beware bankers’ Extinction Rebellion

‘Currency manipulation’ furphy a distraction from real crisis

Be afraid of British maniacs behind Andrew Hastie, not China

Apollo astronaut: use Moon’s valuable resources

Central banks are buying up the world!

July 2019

Fixing the economy requires a banking sea-change

Muslim countries reject claims of ‘cultural genocide’ against Xinjiang Uighurs

No hiding Deutsche's derivatives time-bomb

Demystifying economic relations with China

Resolving the RBA dilemma: Save the economy not banks!

G20 ignores blaring financial alarms

Aus-British ‘China Tribunal’ revives organ harvesting smear

The Black Economy Taskforce: Dracula in charge of the blood bank, forcing everyone to give blood!

June 2019

Dangerous derivatives—why are Australia's banks hiding their gambling?

Quiet panic behind drive for Aussie QE

How the USA blew up China trade talks

Italy pushes surprise flank to bypass EU debt trap

Dr Wilson Sy - The Economy of the Lucky Country Part 1: How Lucky is the Country?

The Five Eyes’ war on truth

Brits inflict 'psychological torture' on Julian Assange

Red flags raised at London Bridge inquest: Was terrorist ringleader an agent of MI5?

Cluster bomb set to go off in US markets

Mass extinction threat a hoax

May 2019

The Deutsche Bank alarm sounds again

Trump wants Australian and UK intelligence investigated for Downer's role in Russiagate hoax

Irish observers see ‘uncanny’ similarities in Australia, predict systemic crisis

The eugenics origins of climate alarmism

More refutations of ‘China debt-trap’ allegations

Veterans sold short in election

Americans push for a return to public banking

WA housing bubble nightmare deepens, soon to spread nationwide

Fact check of Bradfield Scheme flawed

Demand for Orwellian ‘anti-corruption’ thought police

Breathtaking plans to rebuild the world emerge from Beijing

Ukraine election: stepping away from disaster

April 2019

Will Australia ride money helicopter to hyperinflation?

US experts respond to Australian Senate banking inquiry

Why S&P is covering up ‘bail-in’

Legal opinion: Australian deposits can be ‘bailed in’

March 2019

SOS on corporate debt blowout

Christchurch massacre royal commission must investigate the ‘Five Eyes’

Italy demands EU abolish 'bail-in' rules

North Queensland water development potential: An engineering surveyor's first-hand account

Not China's debt trap

City of London's Financial Times Beside Itself over Italy's Joining Belt and Road

'CLO Debate' Reflects Connection of Economic Downturn and Crash

February 2019

Property bubble bust gathers speed

Veteran pensions ripped off by government

'Climate action' is brutal austerity

Why the war on Huawei?

Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.: 1922-2019, A Talent Well Spent

Pauline Hanson: 'Overcome the systemic failure in our banking system'

Polarised response to Hayne report shows bank separation is paramount

Fake electricity

Australia ups ante on Five Eyes campaign vs. China

President Trump Announces Second Summit with Kim, Seeks Peace in Southwest Asia, Too

Sen. Rand Paul Rips Into 'War Caucus' That's Attacking President Trump for Ending Permanent War

Rise of populism upsets Davos

Ukrainian economist Vitrenko fights for the right to run for President

January 2019

China's Foreign Ministry Spokesman Tells Dan Coats To Give Up the Zero-Sum Game

First 'Integrity Initiative' Event in U.S. Points to Cyber War

The real battle of Brexit—protecting the banks from a Corbyn prime ministership

Housing approval collapse shows the game is up

China's Little Biosphere Grows the First Plant on the Moon

First 'Integrity Initiative' Event in U.S. Points to Cyber War

Christmas crunch portends 2019 financial disaster

City of London Is Imploding as a Financial Center as Brexit Looms

Chinese Rover Yutu-2 Prepares for the Lunar Day and Night on the Far Side

U.S. Withdrawal Will Help Resolve 'Idlib Knot', Says Former British Ambassador to Syria

U.S. Elite Must Give Up Geopolitical Delusions on Russia, Urges Lavrov

Frequently Asked Questions on the National Infrastructure Bank

APRA law is bail-in! Amend it to exclude deposits, now!

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