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Lead Editorial

13 March 2024
Vol. 26 No. 11

Gaza lights out
Satellite images show 84 per cent of lights extinguished in Gaza. Photo: Care International

After five months of brutal bombardment, satellite images commissioned by Care International and provided by a Chinese laboratory show the utter devastation of the Gaza Strip. Nighttime light has reduced by 84 per cent compared to September 2023, with a 91 per cent reduction in Gaza City. Even 70 per cent of hospitals display no nighttime lighting. Much of the region is levelled, there is no electricity, people drink sewage water and eat animal food; but that is the status of the lucky, who have not been badly injured or killed.

Western countries supporting this genocide are meeting what we might call the Gaza Effect, although it is far from specific to Gaza. The dramatic political shift was noted at the historic gathering of leaders who rallied in support of Julian Assange on Saturday 9 March in Melbourne: “Night Falls in the Evening Lands”, reported in depth on p. 4. Numerous of the speakers expounded on the revolutionary political period we have entered.

The stunning victory of George Galloway in a UK byelection is a prominent indicator of this effect (p. 9). Galloway declared that the major parties are paying the price for enabling the Gaza catastrophe and that his victory is just the beginning of “a landslide, a shifting of the tectonic plates in scores of parliamentary constituencies”.

Indeed, the Gaza Effect has stripped the British establishment of one of the few weapons it had against such an uprising, which it shamelessly utilised against former Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn: the taint of anti-Semitism levelled without a scrap of evidence.

Former British Ambassador Craig Murray made this plain in a 12 March article published by Consortium News, “The Panic of the British Ruling Class”. Corbyn’s leadership had represented, he said, a brief “chance of the kind of democratic triumph of the working people of which George Galloway dreams”, but was “destroyed by an entirely fake narrative of anti-Semitism”. Now, however, “The Israeli genocide in Gaza has collapsed this narrative. Too many people have seen the truth on social media. Despite every attempt by the mainstream media to hide, obfuscate or distort, the truth is now out there. The reflex hurling by the Establishment of the ‘anti-Semitic’ slur at everybody who opposes the genocide—from the United Nations, The International Court of Justice and the Pope down—has finally killed off the power of that slur.”

The chickens are coming home to roost in Australia, too. Prime Minister Anthony Albanese has become the first Western leader to be referred to the International Criminal Court for complicity in genocide, with a 92-page filing supported by over 100 Australian lawyers.

On the banking front, the enemies of humanity are likewise preparing their own undoing. The decision by Bankwest to announce the closure of 45 Western Australian bank branches, 17 of them in regional areas, in the week prior to a hearing of the Senate inquiry into regional banking closures in Tom Price, WA, beggars belief! (p. 3) Committee chair, Nationals Senator Matt Canavan has hauled in Bankwest reps to appear before the committee today. This travesty is elevating the real leadership on this front, and the only real solution, namely a public bank. Citizens Party Research Director Robert Barwick was live on 6PR drive time radio on the day, to respond to the weasel words of Bankwest spokesman Scott Spittles. Host Oliver “Oly” Peterson promoted the postal banking solution, even putting Shadow Treasurer Angus Taylor and National Party leader David Littleproud on the spot about the idea. Executive director of the Licensed Post Office Group, Angela Cramp, spoke on ABC Radio Perth, demanding the banks compensate post offices for the extra work they are throwing their way.

With an election due next year, the perspective for an electoral upset in Australia gives us an incredible opportunity to put heat on the Albanese government by targeting marginal Labor seats. There’s no time to lose—contact us to join the campaign now.

In this issue:

  • BankWest betrayal of West Aussies is a test for the government
  • ‘Night falls in the evening lands’ but new hope rises
  • Ringmaster Mike Burgess presents the ASIO Foreign Interference Clown Show
  • George Galloway gives major parties a by-election spanking
  • The explosive dossier that exposes the end-times ‘Temple Mount plot’ driving the genocidal war in Israel-Gaza
  • A bad historical precedent: the Truman Administration on Israel
  • Perennial grains: The next food frontier?
  • Euro-chemophobia, or the liquidation of agriculture (?)
  • ALMANAC: Holding ‘disgraceful and indefensible’ Australian banks to account: overseas examples
  • UK, European governments force the hand of regulators

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