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Lead Editorial

18 May 2022
Vol. 24 No. 20

Here’s one thing you can be assured of after Saturday’s election: The Citizens Party will be fighting to implement the urgent policy change required to lift this nation out of a depression and prevent World War III.

With a record minor party vote expected, however many votes are cast for the Citizens Party, a diverse cross bench will allow us to continue the momentum we have achieved over the last few years, with three of our bills introduced in parliament and six parliamentary inquiries. This was possible by recruiting ordinary Australians to organise and educate their local members of parliament and engage more broadly in the political process. When you imagine what we would be capable of doing with even one elected MP, you can see why the establishment media does everything in its power to black out our very existence.

We have earned respect for our campaigns from top political layers on all sides of politics and from among the core percentage of Australians who are politically engaged. We have recruited a swathe more average Aussies through our mission to restore trust in government by getting citizens involved in governing—the very essence of representative government. Most Australians are not political; they have understandably lost faith in the political system. But beyond the immediate political dimension of the fight we are leading, our in-depth policies give those people a glimpse of how history can be changed in a time of crisis, even outside of elections!

In this election, we have extended our outreach via online advertising in a way we have never done before, building on the success of our campaigns that hit a popular nerve, such as defeating the cash ban, fighting bank “bail-in” and “de-banking”, and saving Australia Post from the banks and privatisers. Rest assured that we will not sit on our hands waiting for another election in three years, but the day after this election we’ll be fighting just as hard for a public post office bank— for national control over banking and national sovereignty.

We’ll also still be leading the fight to avert a war that would destroy us all. Leaders from both parties are competing in their belligerence, preparing us for war against our major trading partner! Retired Ambassador John Lander’s warning that it may be Australia which provokes war with China (“Veteran Australian diplomat John Lander speaks out against war danger, Pt. II”, YouTube), whether over the Solomon Islands or some other contrived issue, is getting attention worldwide.

The greatest threat the day after the election is not Australia signing over our sovereignty to the World Health Organisation, as Clive Palmer falsely claims (p. 4), but Australia acting on orders from the real assassins of sovereignty— our “dangerous” Anglo-American allies. They want war because their rules-based order, underpinned by the economic system, is collapsing and they will do anything to hold on to power.

Whoever is the Prime Minister will be attending a 24 May Japan summit of the Quadrilateral Security Dialogue (the “Quad”—Australia, India, Japan and the USA) to advance those war plans. US President Joe Biden will visit South Korea (which has just joined NATO’s Cooperative Cyber Defence Centre of Excellence and hopes to join the Quad) and Japan, on 20-24 May, recruiting support for his Indo-Pacific Economic Framework, to mesh with his Indo-Pacific Strategy and Britain’s Global NATO plans. De facto NATO lobby the Atlantic Council has already war-gamed Russia-style sanctions on China, which could lead to “economic MAD”— economic mutually assured destruction!

The only way out of this nightmare is to draw on the better angels of our nature. We must bring about the “nobler Manhood” that Australia’s national poet Charles Harpur believed was possible, requiring only a thoughtful citizenry. As Harpur wrote: “They see us wield no weapon, But in our front shall find/The artillery of the intellect—The thunder of the Mind.”

In this issue:

  • Morrison hatches superannuation plan to save banks, not help home buyers
  • No, Australia is not losing ‘sovereignty’ to the WHO next week
  • Human rights mafia’s ‘junk research’ exposed
  • How ‘Operation China Threat’ demonised the BRI
  • The BRICS threat to US dollar order
  • Freeman: USA losing in its efforts to ‘outcompete China’
  • Hopeful signs on nuclear power’s future
  • Economic policies propel Sinn Féin to historic victory in Northern Ireland
  • Sinn Féin founder fought imperial economics
  • Vote for a complete change of policy!
  • John Curtin: Without national banking, governments are not sovereign
  • ALMANAC: Franklin Roosevelt’s economic development policies vs the Anglo-American financial empire

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