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Iraq war liars have pushed world to nuclear brink

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Lead Editorial

22 March 2023
Vol. 25 No. 12

Twenty years ago this week, the US-led Coalition of the Willing launched the illegal invasion of Iraq. Coalition of the Willing partner Australia led the invasion by deploying its SAS regiment into Iraq days in advance. The invasion’s backers said it would bring a flowering of “democracy” to the Middle East, but instead the invasion killed a million Iraqis, and millions more in the subsequent wave of terrorism and regime change wars that it set off. And it was all based on lies.

Colin Powell with viall
The most notorious image of the campaign of lies to invade Iraq: US Secretary of State Colin Powell holding up a fake vial of a chemical agent at the UN Security Council. Photo: Wikipedia

The Anglo-Americans who orchestrated the Iraq war claimed that Saddam Hussein was a “threat” to their national security, due to his alleged weapons of mass destruction. The world, most importantly Russia and China, took notice while the US-UK power elite and media manipulated the public with relentless hyping of the Saddam WMD threat to convince them to accept that a country on the other side of the world was a mortal threat to them, and that it was necessary to invade to destroy that threat. Months into the invasion it became clear the WMDs didn’t exist, and that every other claim had also been a lie, down to the combat intelligence given to the US troops about the capability of Iraq’s soldiers. Thousands of US and British servicemen and women were also killed and maimed as a result.

The Iraq war is, still, the war crime of the 21st century, and a complete fiasco at all levels, but 20 years later, who has been held to account? Even from the standpoint of the internal functions of the USA’s and UK’s professional militaries, why wasn’t there a reckoning, and cleaning out of the personnel who presided over such a disaster? The answer to that question is the reason the world is facing the threat of nuclear war today: nobody was held to account for the lies because the lies were intentional, and the liars are still in charge. When war itself, permanent war, is the objective, lies are the weapons to achieve it.

Due to the lack of accountability, the Anglo-American war party and their war machine have been able to roll on, destroying nation after nation. They next destroyed Libya in 2011; launched their regime-change operation to destroy Syria the same year, which didn’t succeed thanks to Russia’s intervention in 2015; and are now destroying Ukraine, which began with orchestrating the coup in 2014 that sparked the civil war which raged for eight years before Vladimir Putin intervened in 2022.

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is not equivalent to the invasion of Iraq, i.e. simply another major power flexing its muscles against an exaggerated “threat”. A very real threat did exist in 2003—it wasn’t Saddam’s WMDs, it was the Anglo-American war machine itself! Today Russia is fighting the same threat, directly, while China is taking measures to guard against it. Having seen how the USA and UK lied themselves into Iraq and Libya, the Russians and Chinese have had to endure the same campaign of lies against them. Accompanying the lies has been an expansion of military firepower arrayed against them through the 30-year expansion of NATO up to Russia’s borders and the 2011 Asia Pivot encirclement of China with weapons and military bases. Now with the Anglo-Americans gleefully using Ukraine as their proxy in a hot war against Russia, and their escalation against China, including with Australia through AUKUS, they have pushed the world to the brink of nuclear war.

That is why it is such a relief that, finally, someone of the reputation of former Australian Prime Minister Paul Keating has intervened, not by trying to offer a reasonable alternative viewpoint, but by doing what should have been done 20 years ago—forcefully denouncing the lies and the liars! (p. 10.) He insisted, as the Citizens Party does, that China is no threat—to Australia, the USA, anyone. His intervention is a game-changer.

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