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Money Power under siege as world teeters on brink

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Lead Editorial

5 June 2024
Vol. 26 No. 23

Transaction bill
MPs Dai Le, Andrew Gee and Bob Katter at a press conference on the bill requiring business to take cash.

Extraordinary political developments in Australia that threaten the power of banks are happening against a global backdrop of unprecedented danger of an escalation to nuclear war. The two potentials are linked, in that the war danger is driven by the actions of the Anglo-American powers who are trying to maintain their corrupt political-economic system in which banks dictate to governments. Winning that fight, against what old Labor Party patriots called the Money Power, is key to transforming the world stage too; the good news is the fight against the banks is snowballing with its own momentum.

No sooner had the Australian Citizens Party’s tireless work achieved the endorsement of a major Senate inquiry for the government to consider a public bank—the banks’ worst nightmare—than on 3 June MPs Andrew Gee and Bob Katter introduced a bill in Parliament requiring business to accept cash payments, i.e. no more cashless businesses.

Aside from all the practical and civil-liberties reasons for keeping cash, more than anything else it’s a check on the power of banks, which have been aggressively pushing cashlessness so they can surveille and control every aspect of the economy.

Speaking to the bill, Bob Katter said: “But the real essence of this bill is: do you want your bank manager to decide whether or not you can buy a loaf of bread? There is no doubt that we’re running pell-mell into some sort of dystopian society in which a handful of people control every aspect of our lives. I repeat: do you realise that if you eliminate cash, you will have to get the permission of your bank manager to buy a loaf of bread?”

Notably, the ACP wasn’t directly involved in getting this bill introduced, although we have been heavily involved in the cash issue; this bill is an example of the momentum of the fight against bank power, which is sweeping up more and more citizens.

These developments are not before time, because they help bring into stark relief the nature of the system of political economy we are part of globally, which right now is pushing the world to the brink of catastrophe.

The Anglo-American political establishment Australia allies with, which is completely corrupted by the City of London and Wall Street financial oligarchy and its corporate appendages in the military-industrial complex, is breaching every possible red line to dramatically escalate against the nations that threaten its economic system, led by China and Russia.

After rejecting Russia’s reasonable offer of a peace treaty in December 2021, which mainly required a guarantee that Ukraine would not join NATO, and stopping Ukraine from accepting similar terms for peace one month into the subsequent war, the Anglo-Americans lied for two years that Ukraine was winning the war, but have now flipped to a desperation move of approving Ukraine using NATO-supplied weapons to attack Russian territory, including its systems that protect it against a nuclear strike—a recipe for a nuclear showdown.

Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic delivered this sobering assessment on 24 May: “I am afraid that there is little time left for the war in Ukraine to be stopped. … In my opinion, things will get worse and worse, and it may happen that we will have a greater tragedy than World War II. I’m afraid we are heading towards a great world conflict, and few want to stop it.”

This situation is insanity driven by deranged desperation; this is a collapsing hegemonic power willing to risk a nuclear showdown rather than accept the reality of a multipolar world, simply because that multipolar reality threatens its system of using financial power to oppress nations— through the US dollar—and even its own peoples, as we experience from the banks in Australia.

The ACP’s fight for a national bank, therefore, has domestic and global consequences, which is why we must win.

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