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Lead Editorial

27 March 2024
Vol. 25 No. 12

Crocus Hall AFP-Stringer
Even before the attack on the Moscow concert hall shown here, Russian President Putin warned of NATO ground troops in Ukraine: “It is clear to everyone that this will be one step away from a full-scale World War III.” Photo: AFP/Stringer

The plunge towards thermonuclear World War III, punctuated by intolerable genocide and economic breakdown, is forcing governments to face up to an agitated population.

That the USA—which has vetoed every previous attempt—abstained from the 25 March UN Security Council vote demanding an immediate Gaza ceasefire, allowing the resolution to pass, is indicative of the charged mood in the country. As is US President Joe Biden’s immediate declaration that he would fund the entire cost of rebuilding the Francis Scott Key Bridge in Baltimore, destroyed overnight when a pylon was struck by a cargo ship.

Faced with its own economic demise, the American population will gradually come to understand the sentiments of the World Majority—BRICS, Global South, G77 developing nations, et al—who now refuse to continue under the neocolonial stranglehold of the City of London-Wall Street financial framework and are building an alternative system. The increasing geopolitical and geoeconomic multi-polarisation of the world, argued Brazilian economist Paulo Nogueira Batista at the 18 March Valdai Discussion Club in Moscow, is inconsistent with “the indefinite continuation of a basically unipolar world monetary system”.

But these minute, incremental movements in the USA, which we are also seeing in Australia (noted below), are far from sufficient, given the dangerous escalation to war. Regardless of what will be discovered about the authorship of the recent terror attack on a concert at Crocus City Hall in Moscow that left 137 people dead, there is no doubt that it signals a dire escalation of the real conflict—between the declining West and rising Global Majority led by Russia and China. The threat of escalation is underscored by the call of French President Emmanuel Macron to openly deploy NATO nations’ troops to fight Russia on the ground in Ukraine. A new Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity memo to Biden (p. 12) contains a deadly serious warning that Western actions are pushing the world to the “cusp of nuclear annihilation”.

Prime Minister of Hungary Viktor Orbán’s 22 March comments, after participating in an EU summit in Brussels, were incisive. A number of EU leaders, he said, were openly discussing what was “unthinkable” just a few weeks ago: sending NATO troops to Ukraine to do battle with Russia. Orbán warned that “if a NATO country enters into military operations against Russia, it will mean the start of World War III”, adding that he felt like he had “arrived in another galaxy”.

Drone attacks on Russian territory, not just on oil refineries and facilities, but on civilians, are growing. With support from Western nations, such attacks steadily bring the war into a direct NATO-Russia conflict. The British Ministry of Defence on 15 February announced a “drone coalition” to provide £200 million worth of drones to help Ukraine fight Russia. Announcing Australia’s near $5 billion subsidy of British defence giant BAE Systems and Rolls Royce on 21 March—to secure the AUKUS subs we will likely never see—Defence Minister Richard Marles confirmed Australia’s participation in the drone program, again signing us up as a direct combatant in what Russia has defined as “a state of war”.

Regarding the other “enemy”, China, there are signs that the popular tide is turning against the Albanese government. As we document inside this AAS issue (p. 4), the government has taken more small but significant steps, camouflaged as bureaucracy, to calm tensions with our largest trading partner. Without the Citizens Party acting as ice breaker through the lethal freeze of anti-China propaganda of recent years, this would not be happening.

If this government wants to survive it will have to find the courage to openly assert a full break with our dangerous Anglo-American allies. Advocating properly for Julian Assange, whose extradition decision is now in limbo for another three weeks—would be a good opening salvo. We will make that unavoidable reality stick with our campaign to target marginal Labor seats before the next election (p. 3).

In this issue:

  • Mobilise to demand Albanese action, not words, on Assange NOW!
  • The backroom tug-of-war over Albanese’s foreign policy
  • Red Dawn or Red Daze? Abetz and Hastie ‘Wolverines’
  • Restoring equilibrium between our two countries
  • Role reversal at RBA Reforms inquiry: Coalition forced to defend ALP banking legacy
  • Katter bill tightens belt on supermarkets
  • The public bank that wasn’t: New Jersey’s excursion into public banking
  • VIPS memo: ‘The French road to nuclear war’
  • On Syria, sanctions, terror and war—an open letter to Australian parliamentarians
  • TikTok ban is scheme to silence dissent
  • Battle for just system coming to local govt. associations
  • China advances high-speed, maglev train tech
  • ALMANAC - Tom Price hearing: WA shire pushes for local government bank

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