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Lead Editorial

4 October 2023
Vol. 25 No. 40

Albanese and Romaniw
The PM of Australia with the Chairman of the Organisation of Ukrainian Nationalists-Bandera, named after the infamous Nazi collaborator, in Kiev, July 2022. Photo: Screenshot

On 19 October 1781, 242 years ago this month, the world as King George III and the British Empire knew it came to an end when American forces under the command of George Washington and his young aide-de-camp Alexander Hamilton, with their French allies, defeated the British Army under the command of General Charles Cornwallis. Concluding the American War of Independence, the surrender at Yorktown was said to be marked by the British army band playing the English ballad, “The World Turned Upside Down”. When the news reached British Prime Minister Lord North, he declared: “Oh God. It is all over. It is all over.”

The events of that day changed the world forevermore. Alexander Hamilton went on to provide a true alternative to the imperial model, by backing up America’s hard-fought sovereignty with a banking system that would ensure its prosperity. That banking model is what built Australia, and which China is again showcasing to the world with its state bankfunded infrastructure initiatives.

The British imperialists, who now style themselves an “informal financial empire”, relentlessly manoeuvred through financial and geopolitical schemes to regain control of nations, proving the necessity for vigilant defence of the inseparable aims of national banking and sovereignty. After their schemes played out in the two world wars of the last century, they plotted a new era of economic control (through neoliberalism) and strategic dominance (by preventing any majorpower competitor challenging the new US-UK alliance). The world was reinvented: Franklin Roosevelt was replaced with Truman, who joined Churchill in launching the Cold War; the proud conquerors of the Nazis, the Russians, were redefined as the enemy; and extensive development plans for China and Asia, in cooperation with the USA, were sabotaged.

The world had again been turned upside down.

Today we are fighting to right it. With the 2 October launch of the new Citizens Party video calling for a parliamentary investigation of the Australian Strategic Policy Institute (ASPI), we are witnessing an incredible remoralisation of people and institutions strengthened by seeing an organised force willing to speak the truth and turn the tables on an imperial apparatus that while seemingly all-powerful, is just flesh and blood. “The gloves are off”, wrote one tweeter in reaction to the video, while prominent individuals endorsed our petition (p. 3).

Exposing ASPI’s promotion of war with China as an inevitability, the petition demands: “The Australian Senate must investigate ASPI for manipulation of our government policy on behalf of foreign military interests.”

Restoring Australia’s position and standing in the world, not to mention our economic future, depends upon this campaign. Prime Minister Gough Whitlam’s words, during his historic 1973 trip to China are spot on, 50 years later: “Our concern is no longer exclusively with nations in far removed areas of the globe. Now, our concern is with all nations and particularly those with whom we share a common environment and common interests and with whom we seek relationships of equality. ... We look to a future in which over-emphasis on particular associations will no longer distort the proper relationships which should exist between Australia and all neighbours.” (Full speech, back page.) Today, this exact sentiment is encapsulated by a vocal world majority spearheaded by the BRICS push for a new fair and just economic order.

The ACP is also intervening on the shameless rewrite of history exposed when the Canadian Parliament on 22 September gave a standing ovation for an actual Nazi who fought the Russians in WWII. We are uniquely exposing a similar Australian case of the government whitewashing actual Nazis to suit its geopolitical agenda, which the media won’t touch (p. 4).

With our previous campaigns, based on mobilising the population to put pressure in the right places on the parliament, we have built the capability to make this stick. Both our friends and our enemies know it. The implications will be global.

In this issue:

  • ACP launches call for Senate inquiry into Canberra think tank funded by US to promote war with China
  • Whatever happened to ‘never again’? Like Trudeau in Canada, Morrison and Albanese whitewash actual WWII Nazis in Australia
  • Who is paying for Morrison’s anti-China provocations?
  • More questions than answers in Home Affairs boss downfall
  • Biden campaign, Dem. Party apparatus desperate to stop RFK Jnr
  • Unfinished US banking crisis portends systemic disruption
  • The truth versus propaganda and lies
  • Australian Citizens Party (ACP) continues federal registration
  • Whitlam, China 1973: Australia is moving in a new direction

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