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As two worlds collide, make peace prevail

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Lead Editorial

13 December 2023
Vol. 25 No. 50

As 2023 draws to a close, humankind finds itself caught in a clash between two diametrically opposed systems.

The ACP fights for a financial system that provides economic prosperity and peace, as many nations are now embracing.

One faction is insistent that peace can be achieved, even among nations with insurmountable differences, through a process of dialogue and collaboration on common goals. This has been demonstrated by nations of the “Global South”, including in the field of infrastructure construction, trade in local currencies, and financial reorganisation. The BRICS formation (Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa) has expanded over the course of the year, not only with six new members joining at the start of 2024 (Argentina, Egypt, Ethiopia, Iran, Saudi Arabia and UAE), but more than forty other nations seeking to join (over twenty already having applied).

The other faction is committed to maintaining dominance against its adversaries (“competitors”), locking it into war and regime change. The most extreme ideologies are fostered to carry this out—mirroring the worst chapters of the 19th century, including the Nazis. The threat to the entire world from the crushing of Gaza is clear in our report on p. 10. As Christmas approaches, will the world—of all religious persuasions— allow Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to continue committing such horrific atrocities? A man who believes (quoting historian Will Durant) that “History does not favour Jesus Christ over Genghis Khan. History favours the strong.”

In stark contrast to Netanyahu’s words, renowned US economist Jeffrey Sachs quoted the 8th century BCE Jewish prophet, Isaiah: “They shall beat their swords into ploughshares, and their spears into pruning hooks; nation shall not lift up sword against nation, neither shall they learn war anymore.” Sachs was testifying to the United Nations Security Council on 20 November. He laid out a proposal for “a new Peace and Development Fund, to help ... war zones to turn away from war towards recovery and long-term sustainable development.”

Sachs insisted that UN decisions can only be effective if they are accompanied by an “economic strategy” to uplift regions engulfed by war. He proposed development, for instance, of Palestine’s oil and gas reserves, port facilities, road and rail links, and water resources, in collaboration with Israel.

“The US”, said Sachs, “now spends roughly US$1 trillion per year on the military, while China, Russia, India, and Saudi Arabia are the next biggest spenders, with combined military outlays that are a bit more than half of the US, perhaps around US$600 billion. Suppose that these countries reduced military outlays by just 10 per cent and redirected the savings to the Peace and Development Fund. That alone would free up around US$160 billion per year.” Partnering with other projects, including China’s Belt and Road Initiative, would link China and the West and would itself be “a contribution to peace ... among the world’s major powers”.

The victories accomplished by the Australian Citizens Party, working with a rich group of collaborators from across the political spectrum, are further testimony to the success of the collaborative approach. In latest updates:

Over 900 submissions, generated in around one week, made a big impact on the Optus outage inquiry in the Senate. In a letter to submitters, the committee noted that it had “received a large volume of correspondence that addressed the importance of cash in the economy ... and called for a government alternative to the banks (sometimes referred to as a ‘People’s Bank’).” Congratulations!

Among hundreds of other phone calls and emails, ACP Chairman Ann Lawler’s letter to Treasurer Jim Chalmers, demanding to know if he was “colluding” with Shadow Treasurer Angus Taylor to make the Reserve Bank of Australia untouchable by democratic checks and balances, put a big red flag on the pending Treasury Laws Amendment (Reserve Bank Reforms) Bill 2023. The legislation, which would remove the government’s power to override the independent government bank, has been sent straight to a parliamentary committee (see Media Release, p. 3).

Prepare for a big 2024; the next AAS will be published 10 January.

In this issue:

  • Democratic powers over the RBA must be used, not removed!
  • Who is behind the RBA Review’s controversial recommendation to remove democratic accountability from the central bank?
  • Central bank independence is ‘undemocratic’
  • Think tank smashes central bank conventions
  • Senate Inquiry hears: Banking system fails Australia!
  • Canberra seizes Duggan property to sabotage defence
  • The ‘End Times’ ideology behind the Israel-Hamas war
  • Fusion power now on international agenda
  • The 1930s: Australia risks fascism for austerity

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