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End Bretton Woods pamphlet

Who ended the Bretton Woods system and opened an age of infinite speculation?

The floating currency exchange-rate system, instituted with the end of the Bretton Woods agreements 50 years ago, decoupled finance from the real economy throughout the trans-Atlantic financial sector and its appendages, Australia included. Many financial woes of nations and much suffering of people stem from the decisions made then. The people who wrecked Bretton Woods took aim against the post-war order US President Franklin Roosevelt had envisioned, in which sovereign nation-states could each and all develop economically for the benefit of their populations.

Unique research and insights into who the wreckers were and how they operated is presented in the six articles from the Australian Alert Service assembled here.

  • “The takedown of Bretton Woods and the rise of financial speculation”, AAS, 28 July 2021
  • “Destroying Bretton Woods: The rise of the Neoliberals”, AAS, 4 Aug. 2021, reviewing Nicholas Shaxson’s 2018 book The Finance Curse: How Global Finance is Making Us All Poorer
  • “BIS: The sleeper cell that destroyed Bretton Woods”, AAS, 11 Aug. 2021, a look at the Bank for International Settlements, the central bankers’ bank the original Bretton Woods conference failed to dissolve

From a two-part Australian Almanac in the AAS of 8 and 15 Sept. 2021, “An age of infinite speculation: Who wrecked Bretton Woods, and why” (8 and 22 Sept. 2021):

  • “The creation of the worldwide casino”, excerpted from our 2016 pamphlet The British Empire’s European Union: A Monstrosity Created by the City of London and Wall Street
  • “Two varieties of monetarism: the Keynesian and ‘Austrian’ foes of real economic progress”, by Allen and Rachel Douglas, revealing the clique that pushed through “floating exchange rates” in the 1970s
  • “The early economic forecasts of Lyndon LaRouche”, by EIR magazine editor Paul Gallagher, an edited transcript of his presentation to a conference on the 50th anniversary of the end of Bretton Wood

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The BRI 'threat'?

Belt and Road compilation

A compilation of articles on China's historic Belt and Road Initiative:

  • "BRI: reviving real economies for 8 years", AAS, 8 December 2021
  • "Who made China and Russia the enemy, and why?", AAS, 26 August 2020
  • "More refutations of ‘China debt-trap’ allegations", AAS, 22 May 2019
  • "Why more nations will defy orders and join Belt and Road", AAS, 10 April 2019
  • "Belt and Road, or bust! ", AAS, 31 October 2018
  • "African nations applaud Chinese development assistance", AAS, 12 September 2018
  • "Canberra’s plan to corrupt the BRI", AAS, 1 August 2018
  • "Sri Lanka port controversy raises question, what have Western countries done?", AAS, 25 July 2018
  • "China’s Glass-Steagall standard", AAS, 25 July 2018
  • "Don’t believe the whispers about China in Africa", AAS, 13 June 2018
  • "Why all the fuss over Chinese interference?What are we afraid of?", AAS, 6 June 2018
  • "Who is out to control Africa’s mining sector?", AAS, 25 April, 2018
  • "China shatters the era of the ‘economic hit men’", AAS, 28 March 2018
  • "‘Washington Consensus’ indicted for genocide", AAS, 28 March 2018
  • "Don’t miss the bigger agenda behind China’s BRI", AAS, 11 October 2017
  • "Defence Department: China’s Belt and Road a ‘strategic threat’ to Australia", AAS, 24 May 2017

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Australia is not a corporation, it’s a corporate state

You won’t change bad laws by pretending they aren’t legitimate.

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