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Create a public post office bank!

To address the growing uncertainty over the financial system, in the face of rising inflation and interest rates, the increased risk of a domestic banking crisis because of our banks exposure to the property bubble, the increasing rate of bank branch closures and threat to viability of our postal service, the Citizens Party is spearheading a campaign to establish a public post office bank.

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As part of that effort, the Citizens Party has drafted the Commonwealth Postal Savings Bank Bill, in coordination with Bob Katter MP, to establish a public postal bank similar to the way the original Commonwealth Bank started in post offices in 1912.

Importantly, the original Commonwealth Bank first proved its value as a public bank in the global financial panic of 1914, when it averted a “run” on all Australian banks by the actions of its Governor, Sir Denison Miller, who announced publicly that the Commonwealth Bank stood behind the deposits in all of the banks; consequently, the feared bank panic didn’t eventuate. (In London, which was the epicentre of the 1914 panic, the Commonwealth Bank’s London office was the only bank to remain open during the emergency.)

Like the Commonwealth Bank then, a new public post post office bank will be able to guarantee deposits and provide financial services because it is owned by the government. Put simply, governments are far, far less likely to go bankrupt than private banking corporations are, so customers of public banks can have confidence that their deposits will always be honoured and they will have access to banking services.


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3 Sept 2022 - The Canberra Times - Momentum gathering for post office bank in wake of the Banking Royal Commission
In highly corporatised Japan, an odd and unusual phenomenon exists within its finance sector. It's called the Japan Post Bank; a government-run banking system based within the country's 24,000 post offices and for over 147 years, one of the largest, most stable and respected financial institutions in the world. ...Read On (Note: article is behind paywall)

What you can do

This grassroots campaign is absolutely a fight we can win, not least because a postal bank is already a popular idea in Australia.

In Parliament it is supported by Katter’s Australian Party (KAP), Pauline Hanson’s One Nation (PHON), the Greens, and likely the National Party (at least most Nationals). Prominent members of both the Labor and Liberal parties also support the policy. The post office unions, including the Communications Workers Union (CWU) and its parent the Communications, Electrical, and Plumbers Union (CEPU), support a postal bank, as do the LPOs represented by the Licensed Post Office Group. See further information for more details of this support.

The goal of this campaign is to unite the existing support, and recruit more support, around the Commonwealth Postal Savings Bank Bill, to make this a front-line political issue and get the bill passed. It is up to the citizens of Australia to spread the word and build the support. This is how you can help:

1. Get this information into your community. Click on the image to Download PDF for printing or attaching to email.

Postal bank information PDF  Commonwealth Postal Savings Bank Bill 2021 and Explanatory Memorandum  27 July 2022 - How a public postal bank would work in Australia

Call 1800 636 432 if you would like to order physical copies and have them sent to you.

Some suggested places you can take one the information:

  • Local post offices
  • Local Federal and State Members of Parliament
  • Local Councils and Chambers of Commerce
  • Union representatives
  • Community leaders, clubs and organisations
  • Local businesses, especially those operating in shopping strips or immediate proximity to their local post office or in areas that have lost their local bank/s
  • Anyone who values and relies on their local post office, especially their banking services.

2. Contact Elected Representatives

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Campaign Updates

7 Jul 2021
In another victory for the grassroots campaign that exposed the real agenda behind Scott Morrison’s unlawful removal of Australia Post CEO Christine Holgate, two of the Big Four banks have recommitted to Australia Post banking services long-term.
  • Postal Savings Bank
  • Australia Post
3 Jul 2021
  • Postal Savings Bank
  • Banking / Finance
  • Australia Post
30 Jun 2021
The 28 June ABC Four Corners episode on Australia Post, “Post Mortem: The story behind the turmoil that’s engulfed Australia Post”, confirmed the privatisation agenda b
  • Australia Post
18 Jun 2021
James Shipton’s fate is what happens in Australia when even modest efforts to regulate threaten the major banks, illustrating the urgent need for a public bank alternative to break the monopoly of the Big Four.
  • Australia Post
16 Jun 2021
The Senate’s Australia Post inquiry report, tabled in Parliament yesterday (15 June), was the culmination of the amazing campaign to support Christine Holgate and the thousands of Licensed Post Offices (LPOs) she saved with her 2018 banking deal.
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  • Banking / Finance
  • Australia Post
27 May 2021
The months of relentless campaigning for justice for Christine Holgate by licensed post offices (LPOs), the Citizens Party, and thousands of concerned Australians has culminated in a powerful and scathing
19 May 2021
To free community post offices from bad management and banks, and guarantee financial services in regional and abandoned communities, turn each post office into a branch of a people’s bank.
  • Postal Savings Bank
11 May 2021
Christine Holgate has now moved on from Australia Post, but the government and board must be held accountable, and AusPost must become a people’s bank.
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  • National Banking
30 Apr 2021
Victorian National Party Senator Bridget McKenzie deserves enormous praise and community gratitude for her fearless and powerful defence of stood-down Australia Post CEO Christine Holgate and the longsuffering small business licensed post offices (LPOs) fighting to get her reinstated.
28 Apr 2021
The Citizens Party is deeply offended by the smear of racism and anti-Semitism that two Senators hiding behind parliamentary privilege used to attack the Licensed Post Office Group through guilt by association in yesterday